Its name derives from the Greek word kimolia, meaning chalk – the kind we would use to write on blackboards, but totally useless when it comes to writing on iPads. Fortunately, ongoing mining operations deter the majority of tourists from visiting, but there are wonderful surprises in store for those who decide to take the chance!


KYMA – The taverna has been operating for the past 25 years or so (under the nickname “ta bohorakia”) . The more you eat, the more you want! For starters, you’ll definitely need to try their marinated anchovies and some of their fresh seafood carpaccio or tartare – we tried lobster carpaccio with lime and rock salt which was mesmerizing! Finally, their sea urchin salad is really taste with a bold flavour from the thick olive oil – must try!


Kimolos may be likened to a shining precious gem glittering under the blazing Cycladic sun and rich in mineral wealth. This is why the Venetian conquerors named the island Argentierra, meaning silver. Kimolos is authentic, pint-sized, reserved but hospitable. Once the time has come to depart, visitors tend to leave this little paradise feeling nostalgic courtesy of its quiet beaches, the authentic local food and rugged trails.



Prassa is a half organized is the most stunning beach of Kimolos of powdery white sand and sapphire sparkling waters. With a family friendly vibe it attracts those in search of peaceful relaxation and fun memorable moments under the sun. Situated at Prassa with the invigorating natural hot spring spa providing therapeutic minerals for natural healing this magnificent beach is ideal for swimming and playing in a carefree environment surrounded by the splendid natural beauty.