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private boat trips from paros

to the blue lagoon – antiparos and despotiko



Explore nearby Cyclades islands





Season starts from
May to September

All trips start from the port of Aliki in Paros

There are three kinds of trips.

a) Half-day trip to Pateronissia (blue lagoon), Antiparos and Despotiko. Usually from 10:30am to 14:30pm or from 15:30pm to 19:30pm.

b) Full-day trip to Pateronissia (blue lagoon), Antiparos and Despotiko, and a late lunch (not included in the price) at a seaside taverna. From 10:30am to 18:30m.

c) Full-day trip to nearby islands (click on THE DESTINATIONS ). Weather permitting, we can visit any one or more of the islands listed.  We keep sailing time to aproximately an hour and a quarter  .Again, there is a rough plan to be followed, but otherwise we play it by ear, taking most decisions as we go along.

d) Any kind of sea excursion can be arranged.



They call it the island of “many goats”, and they’re not joking! But if you don’t mind them, they won’t mind you. Beautiful beaches, colourful rock formations, Martian landscapes, caves big enough to accommodate a boat – Polyaigos is an explorer’s dream! The island is uninhabited, and we can only hope it remains so.


The island features a 1960s-era unspoiled “hora” (main town), not big enough to attract crowds, but beautiful enough to thrill those who make the trip.


The island of pottery and good food, it is the birthplace of Nikolaos Tselemendes, the father of Greek gourmet cooking. In antiquity, you could find gold in the soil, making Sifnos a very rich island; you can still find it today – in the hearts of its people and the colour of its beaches!


Schinousa was propably the first of the small Cyclades islands to be “discovered”, luckily those who discovered it many years ago have successfully preserved what initially attracted them to the island. Schinousa features a very protected port with excellent tavernas offering fresh fish.


An absolutely magical island with perhaps the best beaches in the Cyclades, Ios has been known for several years as the “ultimate party island”, a reputation it has made serious efforts to shed.


There are two Koufonisia – the top one or Pano Koufonissi and the bottom one or Kato Koufonissi. Pano Koufonissi followed the road to rapid development and just as rapidly lost its distinctive character, with over 3,000 rooms-to-let transforming its landscape. Kato Koufonissi, on the other hand, is mostly uninhabited and features breathtaking white-sand beaches and a single, but very interesting place to eat.


A big and rich island, which up until a few years ago was the sole provider for most of the Cyclades Islands. All vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese were supplied by Naxos. As a result, Naxos was late in developing touristically, which makes it an even more attractive destination. Apart from its beaches, there are a number of historic sites and beautiful villages to visit


Very small and isolated, Iraklia remains undiscovered by the majority of tourists. A rare attraction is a WWII German reconnaissance plane lying on the bottom of the sea at a depth of 8 metres, from the time when the Aegean was still a theatre of fierce battles among the Allies and the Axis Powers.


Its name derives from the Greek word kimolia, meaning chalk – the kind we would use to write on blackboards, but totally useless when it comes to writing on iPads. Fortunately, ongoing mining operations deter the majority of tourists from visiting, but there are wonderful surprises in store for those who decide to take the chance!


The absolute gem of the Cyclades, which was finally discovered by the “masses” some years ago, but still maintains much of its original charm, featuring one of the most fascinating “horas” (main towns) of the Cyclades. Folegandros has come a long way. As late as the 1960s it was used as a place of exile for political undesirables; the most sought-after item back then was a pair of shoes


Μ/Υ HIKARI is a classic Bertram 31 Express Cruiser.



It is a certified commercial boat licensed to carry 10 people. It carries all required safety equipment. Electronics, GPS, VHF, Depth Sounder, EPIRB, hand held VHF, Radio, mp3 player Bluetooth 4×100 w speakers. It provides seating arrangement for 8 (fully covered from the sun), a swim platform and ladder. It is equipped with a toilet, wash basin, shower (hot and cold fresh water), double V bed and dinette for 4; a 12V refrigerator, a solar panel, an emergency generator and a 3.1m inflatable dingy with a 2.5hp Yamaha engine


The Bertram 31 is among the best power boats ever built in the United States.

Its revolutionary deep V hull, designed by Ray Hunt, forever changed the way power boats were built. The boat’s  weight, along with its very low center of gravity and its deep vee hull design offers a smooth, stable and very safe  ride .

The Boat was so successful, that it eventually formed the foundation for Bertram Yachts.The Bertram 31 is immediately recognizable thanks to its elegant and time defying lines.

The Engines


2×240 HP Yanmar engines fitted in 2008


Speed: maximum 28 knots, cruising 22 knots



The best veranda onto the Aegean


I was 7 years old, holidaying on the island of Sifnos in the mid ‘60s, when my father assembled and then inflated our first boat in front of an astounded audience of locals (notoriously sea-fearing despite being islanders). They were astounded because what was previously neatly packed in a medium-sized bag was now taking the shape of a boat, unlike any they had ever seen, an inflatable boat! Το make matters worse, once this “ boat” was ready, it was thrown into the sea and boarded by a family of four, including two young boys. Powered by a 1,5 hp enginethey immediately sailed out into the open sea before anyone could stop them. Fearing the worst, a messenger was hurriedly sent to the island’s police station (approx. 3 hours away at maximum donkey speed – few roads existed back then) to report the…loss at sea of a family of